5 Chess Strategies for Beginners

Chess is a game that has been played for centuries. The good thing about this game is that it has stood the test of time. The game of chess is an excellent exercise for the mind because it involves a lot of wit, knowledge, and skills. If you are a beginner, you might find this game quite challenging. You need to learn the fundamental rules of the game and govern how the game is work. You also need to learn how each chess piece can move around the board. The following strategies can help beginners improve their skills and increase their success rate.


Know the opening choice

Your opening choice determines your progression in the game. Learning opening choices properly by heart can be quite challenging for beginners. It would, therefore, be wise to play simple chess instead of cramming theoretical lines when playing. Beginners also need to develop and activate all the chess pieces-the bishops and the knights. The pawns need to be moved to the center. Putting enough pressure on the central squares will help you acquire safe openings.


Devote yourself to tactics training


Tactics training usually decide the type of game the chess players are going to have, regardless of their level. For this reason, a chess beginner needs to familiarize themselves with tactical themes and motifs. Involving themselves in activities such as completing checkmate puzzles will help them recognize motifs such as double attacks, pins, and folks in their chess game. If you learn to identify tactical patterns, you will spot your opponent’s mistakes easily and avoid making such mistakes. Solve puzzles on a daily basis to keep your mind sharp.


Join a chess club


Joining a chess club will help you find new opponents and a chess trainer. You will also be able to connect socially with the people who you share an interest. Other advantages of becoming a member of a chess club are that you will get playing tips from your friends, take advantage of the weekly training, gain playing experience, and also have fun with your friends. As a beginner, you will be motivated to know more and improve your chess skills.


Learn the basic endgame techniques


In the chess game, you only win by mating your opponent. The king is the most important chess piece in the game. Therefore, you need to know how to mate the opponent’s king. As a beginner, you need to learn to mate in different situations using the queen, the two bishops, and the two rooks. You also need to familiarize yourself with the basic pawn endgames and how to activate the king. It is the only way of winning the game


Gain playing experience


This is one of the most effective strategies for beginners. One has to train on a daily basis if possible. You need to play games, analyze them and also learn from the mistakes that you make. Chess engines are not entirely helpful because they will only show you the correct moves. You can look for a trainer or a player who is better than you and let them show you how to find the perfect variations on your own. Play as much as you can and see how good you become.